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How We Work

You might want to keep up with the Jones' by having exactly what they (and everybody else) has. But then again you might want the luxury of being guided through a unique design experience where your gate or other ornamental feature is personally crafted just for you – all for much less than you might think.

The first step is to contact us and chat through what it is you’re looking for. Right from your first enquiry, you will speak directly with a knowledgeable, experienced designer and craftsman with a passion for creating from metal.

If you have dimensions and some idea of what you want, we can discuss this over the phone or simply arrange for a no-obligation site visit straight away.
At the visit, our designer will carefully consider the style, shapes, contours and other features of the proposed environment and produce a rough sketch. He will then work with you, over a period of time, to hone and fine tune the design until you are absolutely happy that it fulfils your needs and reflects the style and personality of your environment.

Our commitment to your absolute satisfaction with any metalwork we produce means that even once built and fitted, in the unlikely event that it is not exactly how you envisaged it, we will work with you to remedy this and achieve your perfect finish.